• 1134 round tray

1134 round tray

    Brand: House Goods
  • 1134: 36pcs


Made by Durian Wood laminated by Japan High Quality  Decorative Paper are available in design Oak, Teak, Mahogany, White and pure Black to be co-ordinate with tableware and dinnerware. There are available in comprehensive of sizes and shape High Quality be coated a layer of NON-Slip paint to strengthen anti-skid function. It is smooth edges with handles for easy and  convenience hold. Palm Wood made in Palm Tree trunk and Palm Wood be coated with a layer of PU NON-Slip paint to strengthen  anti-skid function. It is smooth round shape of the tray makes this an essential accessory to any household, hotel and restaurants. Palm Wood available in design Light Brown, Mahogany Brown, Yellow, Red, Navy Blue, Dark Green, Paris Green , Dark Red and Golden Bronze.

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